Preserving and protecting pet pigs since 1989, NAPPA has a love for all pigs, both big and small! We are completely run by volunteers, and have always been a non profit organization. All funds we raise go into helping pigs by providing emergency medical assistance for injured or sick pigs, spay and neuter funds, sanctuary grants to pay for straw, feed, and other supplies, sponsoring the Swine Medical Database, and so much more. We work hard to educate, whether it be pig parents or the general public who have misconceptions about pigs. Its our goal to enact changes in legislation to change pet pigs from livestock to companion animals, giving them the same rights and protections that dogs and cats are allowed. We advocate for adoption or rescue when you’re thinking of adding a pig to your family, and are here to provide a network of support with your new friend!

If you’re interested in volunteering for NAPPA in any capacity, please email us or contact us via Facebook to talk more!


While everyone is excited about pumpkin spice lattes, many rescues are bracing for a massive intake of unwanted pigs as temps drop this winter. So we’d like to help offset the strain on these wonderful sanctuaries and rescues, and buy them some hay! Our goal is 500 bales of hay, can you help us get there? $5 will buy one bale of hay or straw!
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North American Potbellied Pig Association
North American Potbellied Pig AssociationThursday, November 26th, 2015 at 4:26am
A peek at our next t-shirt design in the works... what do you think- would you wear it?!

Hearing micro mini, teacup, pocket pig, dandie pig, and whatever other adjectives is NOT a new problem. It is an annoying problem that people are giving the impression to potential owners. Rescuers who are trying to find homes for abandoned pigs or those in shelters are being asked if these pigs are micro minis? Also they want to know if PBPs will reach 500lbs when full grown? It is driving the rescue community nuts with comments they are getting. The majority of people are wanting smaller pigs and since some are telling the public there is such a thing that exists, the rescue community is having a difficult time placing the pigs in homes. Its getting way out of hand! Potbellied pigs shouldn't reach weights like that. Not a healthy non-obese potbelly pig, however, there are always exceptions. Some pigs are just bigger. Some pigs are just smaller. Neither one have any scientific evidence to support why, it's just genetics. Much like the genetics in people, you truly never know what your child will look like or how tall your child will be when considered fully grown. Some kids change drastically from a toddler into adulthood, some look very much the same. Some look more like their mother, some resemble their father, some don't look like either parent. Pigs are NO different. The parents may be huge but the offspring are much more petite. Some pigs are small and their offspring are much larger.

Every household will treat their pig different, every household will feed their pig different and even if both households had pigs from the same litter and did everything the same, the odds are these two pigs would be different sizes. So much is involved with a pigs size, not only the amount and type of food, but also activity. If your pig has a hyper personality and zooms all over the yard, your pig will probably require more calories to balance that. If your pig likes to nap for most of the day, your pig will need less calories. Nonetheless, pigs should have curves. A nice hourglass shape is great. There are several body scoring charts that float around on Facebook. Thee charts are designed for pigs older than a year old, not piglets. Piglets should gain approximately 1 pound per week for the first year. A pigs belly shouldn't drag the ground. You shouldn't be able to see the stomach hanging down low from behind, your pigs eyes shouldn't be covered with a layer of skin. The hip bones should be palpable, but not visible. There are unhealthy skinny pigs and there are unhealthy fat pigs, but a HUGE gray area in between. Being underweight or overweight both have their own problems that occur as a result of malnutrition or over feeding. But pigs aren't supposed to be a size zero. Pigs should have curves.
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North American Potbellied Pig Association
North American Potbellied Pig Association added 3 new photos.Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 at 1:38pm
I saw this post a couple days ago and felt it was important and needed to be shared here. This family serves as an excellent example for the pig community. There so many needing homes and that was not an option for this family despite their struggles.

This morning, I woke up and fed my pigs, did a little work on the computer and then checked FB and notifications. What I saw made me cry for the next 2 hours. There was a follower of that page who shared her story on a thread and it broke my heart. There aren't many people like this family out there, a lot of people put in the same situation would make different decisions and I am not here to judge one against another, but THIS family has absolutely made sacrifices and were able to keep their pigs. Originally, I saw they were on a long journey, then it dawned on me, they lost everything. The only things they took with them is what could fit inside a car with her, her husband, their two very young children, 2 cats, 1 dog AND 2 pigs. I decided that I wanted to help them and made a post to my personal FB page letting others know what was going on. And there was an overwheming amount of people who also felt the same way I did and wanted to help. So we got to work....

This is what was posted to the page. (copied and pasted)
"My life fell apart. Hubby got sick. Then lost his job. I couldn't find work. So we were losing our home. We were losing everything. With two kids, two pigs, two cats and a chihuahua our saving dwindled fast. I gave up toys and clothes. I gave up nic naks and a silly keep sakes. I gave up everything I could to make money and make room. We were about to be homeless. We loaded our needs in to the trunk, we loaded our loved ones in to the back seat. We moved over 2000 miles, back home so we could have a support system. We did not rehome our pets!!! I hear to often I'm moving can't keep my pig, I'm moving can't keep my dog, I'm moving can't take my cats. I call bull s**t!!! You can do anything you put your mind to. Stop making excuses, start taking action!"

I said it before and I will say it again, she is my hero. I thought they were still in the process of driving, but they have safely arrived in Michigan and staying at her mother in laws home for now. They haven't been there long and can't stay there forever either, so I decided to try and raise some money to help them out. You don't have to help if you don't want to, and I realize people move everyday with their animals and that is what is supposed to be done, however, we also know that often with pigs, that isn't done. Because they could only take what would fit inside this small car with their kids and animals, I reached out to her and asked about their situation and kids and what they liked and needed. I also asked about clothing sizes for everyone. I do have her address, but will not post it publicly for privacy, but she did allow me to use her name. Many of y'all likely know her, she's an active person in the pig community, offering advice and kind words to others often. Shana Joy Blackall.

Let me say this, they NEVER asked for help, I contacted her as soon as i saw it and asked them if I could help them and now I'm sharing their story here for anyone else who may be touched by their story and want to help. This is the holidays, a time to reflect on everything you're thankful for. Imagine being thankful you were able to lay in a bed, as temporary as that may be for them, they are thankful for that luxury now. Everyone has hardships, we have all gone through rough times in our lives, some of us made good decisions, some of us didn't. I have the upmost respect for anyone with circumstances like this who don't even let anyone know their situation, they didnt ask for a pity party, they packed up what they could, including their animals, and left. But now, they don't have a lot. So, if you would like, you can use paypal and send a donation using http://paypal.me/brianblackall. I have received some money from my friends who wanted to help and will be transferring that to this paypal here in a few minutes. I was in the process of opening a bank account to collect donations when she let me know her husband did have a paypal account, so thankfully, I didn't have to go the other route.

She has two children, Judah is two. He wears size 3t clothes and size 9 shoe. He could use some snow pants. He loves Thomas the train, dinosaur train, and pigs! Her son Arik is 1 and loves to copy his big brother. Still puts everything in his mouth. He wears size 18-24months size 5 shoe. Hubby wears a size 9 1/2-10 shoe, 32x30s pants med shirts. Miss Shelly and Toodles are the piggies and they would love a blanket or two. They are not adjusting to the cold very well. I had to message her like 4 times to find out specific info about her, because naturally, she was more concerned about the other members of her family rather than herself, but she wears a size 14-16 pants, large shirts, shoe size 9 1/2.

If you would like to help or mail a card, or mail some gifts for the kids or pigs or cats or dog, maybe a little something for her and her husband, those things can be mailed to 207 Division St. Bellaire MI, 49615. They will be able to get packages at that address. Remember, they didn't ask for anything, I am doing this because I wanted to. I was so worried about them when I first saw the post, and while I am not worried about their safety now, I am worried about their holiday season and I want their whole family to have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are truly deserving souls of a helping hand. One day, when they are in a position to pay it forward, I know they will. They are those kind of people. Remember their story when you are having a bad day, like Shana said, if they can get through this, so can you.
#inspired #responsiblepigparentexample

*I have had a couple of requests about the animals specifics, so I did reach out and asked what their sizes were and the types of food they were all fed. (response copied and pasted)
Miss Shelly (Pig 1) is an XL dog harness and wears 4t kids shirts. 42lbs fixed, one year old. Toodles (pig 2) is a med dog harness. And he likes to wear Judahs old shirts size 2t. 19lbs and one year. George is a 6lb 2yr old chihuahua. Shelly and Toodles eat mazuri active adult. George eats kibbles and bits chefs Choice homestyle. He is a bit picky. Only likes chewy food smile emoticon The cats (Kruger 9 & gandalf 1) eat 9lives. There is a tractor supply and a Walmart in their area.
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North American Potbellied Pig Association
North American Potbellied Pig AssociationMonday, November 23rd, 2015 at 1:01am
Starting December 1st, we will have one auction item per day for 12 days. We have some great items that will make some piggy people very happy for the holidays. So stay tuned because the Days of Pigmas are almost upon us.
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North American Potbellied Pig Association
North American Potbellied Pig AssociationSunday, November 22nd, 2015 at 12:23pm
Hello friends, This man in Victoria BC (Canada) is meeting with his city council this Thursday in an effort to have city bylaws changed so he can stay on there with his two potbellied pigs. A big show of support on this petition is sure to have some effect. Please take a minute to sign this. Thanks :@)
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North American Potbellied Pig Association
North American Potbellied Pig AssociationFriday, November 20th, 2015 at 5:15pm
Its that time of year, please help spread this message! While possibly the cutest animals on the planet as piglets, pigs live upward of 20 years, grow to 60-150+ pounds, are deeply emotional and intelligent animals, and bond deeply to their families. Please consider adopting one of the thousands of homeless pigs if you want to add a piggy to your family this holiday season, and to learn more about responsible pet pig ownership, please visit us at: www.petpigs.com
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