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Upon the advise of our respective attorneys, the Board of Directors from the Pig Advocates League and from The North American Pet Pig Association have reached a legally signed settlement. All funds have been returned to NAPPA, and PAL has signed the following statement.

To the Pig Community:

Thank you for your continued support and interest in preserving and protecting pet pigs. Over the past several months, you may have become aware of a disagreement that arose regarding the governance of North American Pet Pig Association (NAPPA), which caused some of NAPPA’s directors to separate from NAPPA and form Pig Advocates League (PAL). Regrettably, the disagreement became public and many hurtful and disparaging comments were made regarding NAPPA and its officers and directors. We regret such comments and any harm they caused. While we cannot undo what has been done, we can learn from our mistakes and move forward in a positive and constructive manner.

After much discussion and thoughtful consideration, we have decided to resolve our disagreement and completely part ways with NAPPA. Both NAPPA and PAL will continue their efforts in support of pet pigs. We ask that you respect our decision and continue to support pet pigs and the organizations that support them.


Dianna Ciampaglione
Anna Key
Heather Knox
Brittany Sawyer


Preserving and protecting pet pigs since 1989, NAPPA has a love for all pigs, both big and small! We are completely run by volunteers, and have always been a non profit organization. All funds we raise go into helping pigs by providing emergency medical assistance for injured or sick pigs, spay and neuter funds, sanctuary grants to pay for straw, feed, and other supplies, sponsoring the Swine Medical Database, and so much more. We work hard to educate, whether it be pig parents or the general public who have misconceptions about pigs. Its our goal to enact changes in legislation to change pet pigs from livestock to companion animals, giving them the same rights and protections that dogs and cats are allowed. We advocate for adoption or rescue when you’re thinking of adding a pig to your family, and are here to provide a network of support with your new friend!

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Shocking news!
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North American Pet Pig Association position on zoning regulations for pet pigs.
Check with your local zoning board before acquiring a pet pig
Locate a veterinarian willing to provide care before acquiring a pet pig
The following are NAPPA's recommendations to help satisfy/comply with zoning requirements.
* Pet pigs should conform to NAPPA's published pet pig breed standard
* Pet pig should be permanently identified with microchip
* Pet pig should have a "Pet certificate" from North American Pet Pig Association, Inc.
* Pet pig should have access to a veterinarian who can provide medical care, such as tusk and hoof trimming, vaccinations, de-worming, yearly check-ups, etc...
* Pet pig should be neutered/spayed
* Pet pig owner should comply with local Licensing requirements
* Pet pig should be primarily a house pet, with controlled access to outdoors-fenced yard or secure pen to secure the pet pig stays on the property and is safe
* While outside, fresh water and shade should be provided at all times
* Noise should be kept at a minimum and all "potty" areas kept clean
* While one pet pig is certainly acceptable, pigs are happier in pairs, with 150x 200 fenced in yard is allowed. Most pet pigs do enjoy outside time to get exercise and relieve boredom
Pet pigs should not be left in outside yards unattended for long periods of time, due to weather conditions, stray dogs attacks and any unforeseen circumstances
* Pet pigs should be in harness and leads at all times when off the owners property
* Pet pig owners should follow their veterinarian request on bio security precautions when exposing their pet pig to other pigs
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Nappa's Pig Days
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PET PANTRY Human Food That's Good For Your Pet Pig: Coconut Oil

Pet pig parents have been warned for years that feeding their pigs table scraps is bad for their health and encourages bad behaviors. And while it's true that only feeding your pig from his or her bowl encourages good manners, you can definitely get more creative with what you are putting in the bowl. Veterinarians agree that there are many "human" foods that can greatly benefit your pet pig family member. Below we dive right into how coconut oil can be a terrific addition to your pet pigs' regimen.

What it is
Coconut oil is a "good'' fat, containing numerous medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). It is best to use the highest quality organic, extra -virgin coconut oil you can find, packaged in glass jars.

Health benefits
* Makes skin and hair shiner
* Soothes and heals cracked hoof pads
* Aids in digestion
* Contains antifungal and antibacterial properties

How to feed
Make sure the oil is in its liquefied state, and drizzle over their meal. Most pigs find it pretty tasty, so you can feed it right off the spoon, too.

Other uses
Apply topically to your pet pig's skin and hoof pads for its soothing properties.
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About us:
With the input, help, and encouragement of people from all walks of life, and from all over the United States and Canada, the North American Pet Pig Association (NAPPA) was organized in 1989, making it the oldest potbellied pig service organization in the United States. NAPPA is a non profit organization and holds a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. NAPPA was organized specifically to preserve and protect the potbellied pig breed, with an emphasis on education. The activities of NAPPA are guided by the input, contributions, and energy of its members and directors. Membership in NAPPA is open to anyone interested in potbellied pigs, whether pet owners, potential pet owners, rescue/sanctuary, veterinarians, or just friends.

We encourage the use of the information on the website as well as sharing the information and links, but please do not post the information contained within the website without written permission from The North American Pet Pig Association.