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NAPPA was organized specifically to preserve and protect the potbellied pig breed, with an emphasis on education. The activities of NAPPA are guided by the input, contributions, and energy of its members and directors. Membership in NAPPA is open to anyone interested in potbellied pigs, whether breeders, pet owners, potential pet owners, or just friends.

Since NAPPA is in the business of providing educational materials to the public about potbellied pigs and their care and training and since NAPPA always wishes, when possible, to help others in their task of public education about all aspects of the potbellied pig.

It is our hope that this free resource will help provide the i nformation necessary for an individual or family to make the appropriate decision about the potbellied pig as a pet and that NAPPA will be used for their continuing support and information.

Take advantage of the educational brochures NAPPA has to offer: $5.00/ 6 brochures

Brochures we have to offer: 

A Practical Guide for Your potbellied Pig’s Living Accommodations, Grooming, Discipline & Behavior

When you take your pet pig home

Veterinary Care For Your Potbellied Pig

A practical Guide To Understanding And Maintaining Your Pet Potbellied Pig’s Nutrition

The importance of keeping your pig hydrated

Dippity  Pig syndrome

Summer safety tip

Responsibilities Of Pet Ownership

Living With A Potbellied Pig From Birth to One Year

One To Five Years

What Is NAPPA?

Position on Zoning Regulations for Pet Potbellied Pigs

What is a Micro-Mini Pig?

Responsibilities of pet ownership

Choosing the right owner

Should have My Pig Spayed or Neutered?

What About Mange?

Biosecurity Guidelines

A Practical Guide To Understanding And Maintaining Your Pet Potbellied Pig’s Nutrition

Neutering Your Pig

Taking Care Of Tusk Teeth

Monitoring Urinary Function