Spay/Neuter Voucher Program





NAPPA’s mission is to promote responsible pet pig ownership and part of that mission is that we help give financial aid to pet pig owners to help with the cost of having their pig spayed or neutered. in addition, we also help educate all owners on the importance in having their pet pig spayed/neutered. NAPPA will continue to help ensure that no more unwanted pot-bellied pigs are born and provide assistance as often as possible.

NAPPA’s Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

This program is to assist you with the cost of a spay or neuter. To help eliminate any unwanted pet pigs. Continue to educate pet pig owners on the importance of having their pet pig spayed/neutered.

Did you know that spaying and neutering:

Keeps your pet pig healthy and helps prevent many diseases.

Helps ensure that no more unwanted pot-bellied pigs are born.

Helps with many behavior problems.

Here is what you need to know about this program:

1. Pig eligibility: Must be at least 8 weeks old or 10 pounds and no more than 1 year old. Older pigs can qualify for this program but has to have veterinary approval first. A written statement from the veterinarian must be attached to the application. This is a first come first serve basis.

2. This program is designed to help with the cost of spay/neuter. This program will pay $50.00 toward the cost of a spay/neuter. NAPPA is offering this service to NAPPA members. Each request will need to be reviewed and voted on by NAPPA’s board. To avoid confusion each application needs to be emailed to the President at . There is a limit of one pig per application and one voucher per owner per calendar year. Application will be reviewed on a first serve basis. Upon approval checks will be mailed directly to the veterinary clinic. We appreciate your understanding as NAPPA funds allow we will try and help more pigs in the year. In an event of an emergency surgery NAPPA will take your request under consideration. Thank you for your understanding while NAPPA launches this new program. You MUST be a member of NAPPA to qualify for the voucher. Once your membership has been established, there is an application for the spay/neuter voucher that will be sent to you.

3. Once your application arrives in our department: Applications will be processed, voucher will be issued and mailed to your veterinarian’s address listed on the application (approx. 2 weeks). If there is any reason for a delay you will be contacted by our Program Coordinator.

4. Once your veterinarian has received your pet’s voucher: You will have 90 days, from date of issue, to schedule a sterilization appointment with the veterinarian listed on your application. The date will be on the Voucher Postcard you will be receiving in the mail. No refunds will be made if the voucher expires.

5. You must provide the Veterinarian with Photo ID and the letter/postcard from NAPPA about you being granted the voucher at the time of your pet’s surgery.

6. The veterinarian may choose to perform surgery on older animals, but they may need to perform additional medical procedures at the owner’s expense.

7. If the animal is discovered to be pregnant during surgery, the surgery will continue and the fetuses will not survive.

8. Pet owner will acknowledge that the medical procedures used are standard practice and routine for large volume cost spay/neuter surgeries and that under normal circumstances there is no additional risk to the pet. However, there is always a small risk in any medical procedure.

This program is not intended for Feral Pigs. Contact NAPPA via email or call (you can get contact info by clicking the contact us link) for the application.

Applications will be voted on by the NAPPA Board. Upon approval, applications will be processed. There is a minimum of three months as a NAPPA member before submitting an application to NAPPA along with all three pages of applications must be mailed. If this isn’t complete, your application will not be processed and will be denied. Applications submitted without a membership being in place will NOT be processed.