How can we benefit you?

NAPPA has evolved even more than that over the last several years to try and protect mini pigs in general. We have dedicated time and resources to other members in the mini pig community and offered help and support via email, phone, our FB page and sometimes, even in person. We are amazed and extremely thankful at the level of support from our pig community. We will continue to bring you up to date information and our website will be every changing, so please check back often for new information. Please reach out to us if there is a topic you would like to see discussed or researched, we have an excellent team of people on board with more than 40+ years of combined experience. As we continue with the legacy left to us behind a great name with an even better reputation, remember that as you see more and more websites popping up to discuss pig specifics. Do not be fooled by a fancy named pig. There are other breeds besides potbellied pigs, but they are, by far, the most common breed in homes as pets today. We love and care about all pigs, not just potbellied pigs. Please help us continue on the journey to help pigs of all kinds by becoming a member and an advocate for pet pigs out there nation and worldwide.

How can NAPPA help you and your pet pig?

The NAPPA News: a fun and informative bi-monthly newsletter that features topics such as health, nutrition, and behavior of the potbellied pig.
Educational brochures: NAPPA offers a series of educational brochures on such topics as “Living With A Potbellied Pig from Birth to One Year of Age,” “Veterinary Care,” and “Tips on Nutrition.”
Spay and Neuter vouchers: Once you become a member, we can send the veterinarian of your choice a check for 50.00 for your pig to be spayed or neutered. Because this program is a gift from NAPPA to you, only one voucher per membership is available.
Ongoing support: We all have questions, once you become a member of NAPPA, you will have a team of experienced people that can help you with common problems we all faced with our pigs. We are not vets, nor do we have an animal science degree, but what we do have is life experience to offer in the way of advice. Reach out to us via email or on our FB page if you have a question you’d like answered.
Web site full of helpful information such as: Please search the education link for tips and general care of your potbellied/mini pig. Check back often for updated information. 
– Contact information for shelters, rescues/sanctuaries and veterinarians for your area.
– Helpful articles and resource links regarding all aspects of potbellied pig training, care, and management.
– Information on the different services NAPPA has to offer.
– Special pages that discuss common diseases and illnesses pet pigs can get.
– Routine care including hoof trims and parasite management for your pet pig.
– Other helpful tools and ideas to help you on a daily basis with the management of your pet pig.

How you can help NAPPA
NAPPA is a Non Profit organization that relies on public support. Support can be in the form of a monetary donation to the memorial, education, or shelter fund. Or, if you would prefer the hands on approach, please contact a pig rescue in your area and volunteer or donate your time. NAPPA can always use advocates interested in helping us with ideas to better the potbellied pig community. Our goals and visions have evolved over time and we want to promote education in the mini pig community. With that being said, we ask that you spread the message about pigs and how great they are, but remind people to do their research before getting a pig. We all know there is a teacup micro mini myth circulating about pigs and because people aren’t prepared for a 100lb pig, they often end up in shelters and rescues. Rescue. Foster. Research. Transport. Donate. Volunteer. Educate. Advocate. Become an ambassador for NAPPA and help us spread the message that teacup pigs do NOT exist.