Weighing Your Pig Without A Scale

Potbellied pigs are classified as miniature pigs.  They are certainly miniatures when compared to the domestic farm hog, who can reach weights in excess of 1000 pounds!  However, a mature potbellied pig can top the scales at 200 pounds or more!  Potbellied pigs generally weigh somewhere between 90-150 pounds, but can be lighter or heavier, depending on genetics and diet.  There are accounts of “teacup” or “micro mini” pigs with mature weights of 20-30 pounds, but these claims have never been substantiated.  The average weight of a mature potbellied pig at 3 years of age is generally between 90 and 150 pounds. Of course, some are smaller and some larger, but that is the average.  You can also estimate their adult mature size by doubling their weight at one year.  They grow about 50% of their total weight in the first year and then 25% the second and third years. Remember, these are averages and assume that the pig has been fed properly (not over or underfed).

A healthy potbellied pig should have some definition in its flank area.  In other words, it shouldn’t be fat and round like a sausage!  The ribs should not necessarily show, but should be easily felt upon touching the pig.  A mature pig will have a pronounced potbelly (hence the name, Potbellied Pig!), but the belly should be somewhat in proportion with the pig, and not dragging the ground.  A slight sway in the back is also normal.

Excess fat in the neck, shoulders, jowls and brow is not desirable.  The pig should have some fat in these areas, but not to the extent where vision or mobility is impaired.  Overweight pigs can become crippled and/or blind, and generally have a shorter life span.

Pigs adore almost any kind of food, and they have very slow metabolisms.  This combination can spell trouble for our porcine friends if we are not diligent in helping them maintain a healthy weight.  A diet of potbellied pig pellets, a few fresh green veggies and plenty of fresh water is essentially all that a potbellied pig needs.  Of course, the occasional treat of fresh fruit, some whole-grain cereal, or some air-popped popcorn will be much appreciated by your piggie, and will help him to bond with you!

Do you know how much your pig weighs?  This information can be vital if your pig ever needs to be anesthetized and treated by a vet.  There is a simple formula for determining the weight of your pig.  This formula will approximate within 3% of your pig’s actual weight.  It is as follows: