Michael Moore of Rescue

By: Lana Hollenback

If you live in this world and watch any television or read any paper you will know without a doubt who Michael Moore is. Some by now many have watch the documentary that he has done. I personally stand in awe of this man and his audacity. He is a clever man who says he is truthful and straight forward. If I had read his book or watched his documentary Fahrenheit 911 without checking it out, I would have believed every word that man said. In reality, he is very misleading but says enough so that it sounds like truth and many buy into his hate.

Now why am I writing about Michael Moore? It is because we have the same type of people in rescue, not just in the small world of pig rescue but also in other types of animal rescue, I’m finding that the Michael Moores don’t limit themselves to just pig rescues.

People become so consumed by hate and bitterness that they lash out without full knowledge of what they are saying or repeating. I don’t know that they actually try to mislead people although I strongly suspect that some do. But none the less they are very misleading. Truth can usually be ferreted out by just asking questions of the people involved. You know there is an old saying that says “Go straight to the horse’s mouth.” Yet the Michael Moores thrive off of just being misleading and stirring the pot for others by telling “half truths” and making it sound so appealing that people will buy into it.. The Michael Moore’s spew out deadly venom hoping only to make themselves look good. Never acknowledging the long term affect it has and the harm it does.

Who does this hurt? Just like the real Michael Moore who thrives on tearing our country apart, so do the Michael Moores of rescue thrive on tearing apart the animal community they are a part of. They either cannot see, or want to see, that they harm the very animals they profess to love and want to help.

What can you do? When you hear something about a person doing rescue or a particular rescue, be straight forward enough to go to the “horse’s mouth” and ask. Don’t believe everything you see sent in emails or verbally spewed all over the Internet or even in person by a second or third party. Care enough about the animal you are striving to help by asking questions from the very ones involved. Don’t go on hearsay and then pass it on. Many misleading statements can be easily cleared up by just picking up the phone or going and seeing for oneself. You owe it to yourself and the very animal you are striving to help. Don’t listen to the Michael Moores of this world. They will deceive you with half truths and lies that spring from their own need to spew bitterness and hate. Stand up and be counted, not by what you say, but by what you do. The animals you are rescuing deserve your very best. Doesn’t mean you won’t fail from time to time but at least people will see you striving and trying and doing your best. Know the Michael Moores within the animal community where you work and don’t listen to them. Close your ears and move forward for the sake of the animals. You will never fail them if you do.