Help with Surrendering your Pet Pig

Surrendering a potbellied pig can be an incredibly difficult decision.  North American Pet Pig  Association (NAPPA) may be able to help you with ways to re-homing options to consider.  Please read the following resources before surrendering or abandoning your potbellied / miniature pig.

Why are you considering surrendering your potbellied pig?

  • Behavior issues
  • Can’t afford care
  • Moving (resource for pig-friendly cities is found toward bottom of page)

Other re-homing options

We know that sometimes it’s just not possible to keep a potbellied pig.  Before making the decision to surrender, you may want to consider other re-homing options.

Finding a new home for your pig


Sometimes, families find themselves in situations where caring for a pig is no longer possible.  Choosing to re-home a pig can be incredibly difficult to make.  NAPPA is here to give caring advice and resources for owners who are searching for a new home for their pet pig.


The following are some tips to try to re-home your pig before bringing them to a rescue or abandoning them:


  • Give yourself time to re-home your pig. It can often take weeks to months to find them a home.

Increase your pig’s adoptability by having them spayed or neutered.  Here is list of low-cost S/N


  • Spread the word to increase your chances of finding the right home for your pig.


You can use the Adopt-A-Pet re-homing tool, which gives pig owners the ability to be more involved, and it’s simple to use.  Set up a pet profile, and interested people apply.  Adopt-A-Pet has staff who review posts to prevent abuse such as breeder sales making it safer to use than other online marketplaces, such as Craigslist.




Behavior Issues

Sometimes behavior problems seem overwhelming, but many can be managed with knowledge.

Helpful ways to train your pet pig

Because pet pigs are highly intelligent and easily motivated by food and affection, they’re surprisingly easy to train.  Although they aren’t the right pets for everyone, as a responsible pig owner you can establish good behaviors early on, with commands such as “stay, come, and leave it”.  You can also train your pig to walk on a leash.  With some healthy treats and patience, your pig will be trying to impress you with mastering of new tricks such as “spin, sit, and shake”.



Here are some simple things you can do to keep your vet bills down without sacrificing the quality of care that a pot- bellied pig or miniature pig receives.

  • Use a Veterinarian College

Have a veterinary college nearby? Check to see what they charge for their services.  They typically offer a sizable discount over what the local vet clinics and animal hospitals charge because they have lots of students who need to gain hands-on experience.  Your pig will be seen by a student, but all care will be overseen by an experienced veterinarian.

  • Ask for written prescriptions

Most vets mark up the medications they sell considerably. Insist on a hard copy prescription that your pig needs, so you can shop around for the best deal.  If it’s a medication that’s also used to treat humans, you may be able to fill it at your local pharmacy.  If it’s available in a generic form, you may even be able to fill it at Walmart for $4.

Of course, free prescriptions are better still, Always ask your vet if they have free samples available before you rush out to fill a prescription.  This is a smart move if you’re trying out a new drug that you aren’t sure will agree with your pig.


  • Take advantage of specials

Many vets offer a new patient discount and/or a multi-pet discount.  If you already have a vet that you’re happy with, find out if they ever run a deal on dental cleaning or other preventative care services.  If they do, be sure to schedule your pig’s visit then.

Many organizations, like the Humane Society, offer vaccination, microchip, spay/neuter events which some will include potbellied pigs throughout the year to ensure low-cost pet care is available to the community.  Just show up, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the discounted services.

Check with your local organization to find out when the next event is scheduled.  If they don’t have anything planned, they may know of other organizations that do.

  • Consider all your options

Listen to the course of action your vet suggests.  Then ask what other options are available.  They may have a cheaper option.

  • Look into Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be a good deal, but it’s important to understand what it covers and what it excludes before you buy.  If you decide that your pet pig and your vet takes the insurance that you’re considering. It’s important to find a company they work with.  Many insurance companies offer multi pet discounts, so pet insurance may be a better deal for multi pet households.  Nationwide Insurance has a lot to offer for potbellied pigs.

  • Maintain your pig’s weight

Make sure your pig get the right amount of food and plenty of exercise.  A pig with a healthy weight is less likely to suffer from arthritis. And dishing out the proper portions also means less food expense for you.  A win-win.

  • Micro Chip your pet pig

We encourage all pigs to be micro chipped for safety reasons, reuniting with family and protection, if auctioned off.

  • Schedule annual exams

Take your pig for yearly check-ups, so the vet catches problems before they turn into something big and expensive.  Early detention will save you money and ensure your pig maintains a good quality of life.

  • Seek out Animal Welfare Charities

If your pig requires care that you can’t afford, there are organizations that may be able to help.  The Pet Fund offers vet assistance which has a guideline to follow and other links that also could help with pet pigs.












Low- Cost Spay/Neuter Low-Cost S/N

List of states and cities  4/2023



Baldwin Animal Clinic         

Summerdale                                              (215) 989-6213


Holly Pond Animal Clinic

Holly Pond                                                   (256) 796-0055


Tuskegee University Veterinary Hospital

                                                                       (334) 727- 8461





Road Runner Animal Clinic

Peoria                                                            (623) 878- 0033


Midwestern University

Glendale                                                         (623) 572-3200                                                             



Alma Animal Clinic

Alma                                                            (479) 430-7280


Country View Animal Care Center

Gravette                                                      (479) 787-6284


St. Francis Veterinary Clinic

Forest                                                            (870) 423-2630






Look Ahead Veterinary Services

Oroville                                                        (530) 534-0722


Mokelumne River

Lockeford                                                     (209) 727-5359


Pedley Square Vet. Clinic

Riverside                                                       (951) 685-3331


Loma Linda Animal Hospital

Bernardino                                                     (909) 825-3144


Mesa Vet Clinic

Pueblo                                                        (719) 542-6075

Strasburg Vet. Clinic

Strasburg                                         (303) 622-4415



Roxbury Animal Clinic

Roxbury                                               (860) 354-8612






Bayou Vet Hospital

Pinellas Park                                         (727) 548-8387


Heartland Large Animal Services

Bartow                                                   (863) 537-1495


Shelton Vet Clinic-Elkon

Elkon                                                     (904)692-3935




Philema Animal Clinic 

Leesburg                                                (229) 439-2266


Royston Animal Hospital

Royston                                                  (706) 245-6650










Midwestern University

Downers Grove                                       (630) 971-6080


Advanced Vet Care, LLC

Effingham                                                  (217) 347-2838


Huston Vet Services

Roseville                                                      (309) 426- 2419


University of Illinois

Urbana                                                         (217) 333-5300



Hillview Vet Clinic

Franklin                                                         (317) 736- 8880


Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Ames                                                        (515)294-1250


Walcot Vet Clinic

Walcot                                                      (563) 284-6233


Winterset Vet Center

Winterset                                                 (515)462-2650








Flanary Vet Clinic

Paducah                                                       (270) 898-9738


Millcreek Vet Center

Greensburg                                                  (270) 932-5000


Roe-Burk Vet Services

Hardinsburg                                                 (270) 756-9088


Shwely Animal Clinic

Louisville                                                       (502) 778-8317


Brandon Vet

Leesville                                                             (337) 239-0226


Franklinton Vet Clinic

Franklinton                                                         (985) 839- 3406


Morris Vet Hospital

Rayville                                                             (318) 728-5599













Caledonia Vet Clinic

Caledonia                                                                    (507) 725-3380





Halt Animal Clinic

Holt                                                              (816) 320- 3726


Ivan Animal Hospital

House Springs                                             (636) 671- 0700


Pleasant Hill Animal Clinic

Pleasant Hill                                                  (816) 540-3545


Sullivan Vet Hospital

Sullivan                                                          (573) 468-6774


Vet Clinic of the Mineral Area

Farmington                                                   (573) 756- 9400


Tilsit Road Animal Clinic

Jackson                                                          (573) 243-2010


Animal Clinic of Ava

Ava                                                                 (417)-683-6830


Frederickson Animal Hospital

Frederickson                                                  (573) 783-2348


Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc.

Holden                                                            (816) 732-4412                                        






Alliance Animal Clinic

Alliance                                                       (308) 762- 4140




New Hampshire


New Jersey



New York


North Dakota



All God’s Creatures Hospital & Mobile Service

Lancaster                                                    (740) 654-3111


Cross County Vet Services

Delaware                                                     (740) 363- 2515


Lincoln Way Animal Hospital

Upper Sandusky                                         (567) 257-3500


Orchard Vet Clinic

Wilmington                                                   (937) 383-0008



Red Star Vet Clinic

Canton                                                            (330) 871-8013


Stonewall Vet Clinic

Garrettsville                                                    (330) 527 4400


West Geauga Vet Hospital

Chesterland                                                     (440) 729-9584


North Carolina

Academy Animal Hospital

Fayetteville                                                     (910) 323- 1335



New Mexico

Double J Animal Hospital, LLC

Hobbs                                                          (575) 738-0143






Cimarron Animal Clinic

Stillwater                                                (405) 372-3200



Cross Timbers Large Animal Mobile Vet Service

Arcadia                                                           (405) 777-2081


Shawnee Animal Hospital

Shawnee                                                         (405) 275- 0990


Voss Vet Clinic

Checotah                                                         (918) 473- 2761




Valley Vet Clinic

Rainier                                                                  (503) 556- 3084


Allen Creek Vet Hospital                                    (541) 476-2233



Wilde Vet Center

Waterford                                                       (814) 796-4860


South Carolina

Twin Oaks Animal Hospital

Silverstreet                                                        (803) 276- 5563


Langston Vet Clinic

Easley                                                                  (864) 859- 2443


Outlaw Vet Clinic                                               (869) 859- 5033



Fayetteville Animal Clinic

Fayetteville                                                  (931) 433-1202


Mid-South Spay & Neuter Services

Memphis                                                       (901) 324-3202


University of Tennessee

Knoxville                                                        (865) 974-8387


All Animals Vet Hospital

Dickson                                                            (615) 446-7991



Vanzandt Animal Care Center

Point                                                                   903) 873-4100


Ark Vet Hospital

Stephenville                                                         (254) 968-7916


Belton Vet Clinic

Belton                                                                    (254) 939- 1884


Bridgeport Animal Clinic                                    (940) 683- 2257


Cottonwood Creek Vet Hospital

Waco                                                                      (254) 757- 0460


Kingsville Vet Service                                          

Kingsville                                                                 (361) 516- 0774


Millsap Vet Clinic

Millsap                                                                     (940) 682-4970


Pet Check-up

Houston                                                                   (281) 955-8560


Pittsburg Vet Clinic

Pittsburg                                                              (903) 856- 6518


Simmons & Harlan Vet Clinic

Wichita Falls                                                        (940) 723- 4054



Zion Vet. Clinic

Hurricane                                                                    (435) 635-4033



Chesdin Animal Hospital

Petersburg                                                                   (804) 732-6420








Washington Animal Hospital at Murphy’s Clinic

Mill Creek                                                                    (425)316-8387


Best Mobile West Vet. Hospital

East Graham                                                                (360) 893-2210


Cascade West Vet. Hospital

Centralia                                                                        (360) 736-3361


West Virginia

Help for Animals

Barboursville                                                                (304) 736-8555


Oak Hill Animal Hospital

Oak Hill                                                                          (304) 465-8267


Pocatalico Animal Hospital

Charleston                                                                    (304) 984-0064








Colleges of Veterinarian Medicine- typically offer a sizable discount over vet clinics and animal hospitals



Auburn University

College of Veterinarian Medicine

(334) 844-4546


Tuskegee University

School of Veterinary Medicine

(334) 727-8174








Midwestern University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(623) 572- 3215



University of Arizona

College of Veterinary Medicine

(520) 621- 2355






Western University of Health Sciences

College of Veterinary Medicine

(909) 469- 5628



Colorado State University

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

(970) 491-7051



University of Florida

College of Veterinary Medicine

(352) 392- 4202



University of Georgia

College of Veterinary Medicine

706) 542-3000



University of Veterinarian Medicine

(217) 333- 2760



Purdue University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(765) 494-7607




Iowa State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(515) 294- 1242



Kansas State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(785) 532-5660



Louisiana State University

School of Veterinary Medicine

(225) 578-9900



Tuft University

School of Veterinary Medicine

(508) 839- 5302



Michigan State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(517) 355-9793



University of Minnesota

College of Veterinary Medicine

(612) 625-5000



Mississippi State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(662) 325-3432



University of Missouri-Columbia

College of Veterinary Medicine

(573) 882- 3877


New York

Cornell University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(607) 253-3700



Long Island University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(516) 299-3679



North Carolina

North Carolina State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(919) 513- 6200



The Ohio State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(614) 292-1171


Oklahoma State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(405) 744-6961



Oregon State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(541) 737- 2098



University of Pennsylvania

School of Veterinary Medicine

(215) 898- 5438



University of Tennessee

College of Veterinary Medicine

(865) 974- 7262


Lincoln Memorial University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(423) 869- 7150








Texas A & M University

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

(979) 845- 5051



Texas Tech University

School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

(806) 834- 1291



Virginia Tech

Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

(540) 231- 7666



Washington State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

(509) 335- 9515



University of Wisconsin- Madison

School of Veterinary Medicine

(608) 263- 6716


Use a vet in a less expensive area.  Vets in smaller towns may charge lower fees.


Rescues & Sanctuaries.  Mazuri mini pig food is part of Purina family.  It is always worthwhile to reach out to a local dealer near you.  They are very helpful in ordering any Mazuri diet and can help to serve you.  Go to the following link to type in your zip code to find a dealer near you.


Mazuri is part of the Purina family, so any Purina certified dealer can order any Mazuri diet for you.  They are available at Tractor Company stores.  Sometimes they are great at placing personal orders for their customers.  Other times, not so much.  It depends on the store and how they operate.  Otherwise, most local dealers are really great at catering to your specific needs and bulk needs.  Some bulk orders are at a discount – just ask the dealer.


If any rescue in CA. is in need of blankets or are driving through the state they can reach out to Brad –director of Operation Blankets of Love at (818) 402- 6584.  OBLA is a non -profit helping many rescued animals: pigs, dogs and cats with pet beds, large crates, and blankets!


Pig-friendly cities


Traveling with your pig


  • Get your pig accustomed to car travel. Take short trips at first, then gradually increase the time. 


  • If you must transport your pig on an airplane, give yourself ample time to research airline regulations. Consult with your vet, too, and take precautions to help ensure your pig’s safety.


  • If you’re moving to a new city or town, make arrangements in advanced for any overnight stops. Keep your pig in a secure crate.  Regardless of how well adjusted your pig is they may get spooked by all the noise and activity.


  • Research regulations such as health regulations, quarantines, or required documents for your new home. This is especially important if you’re moving across international borders.


Moving successfully with pet pigs

Moving can be stressful, especially for pet pigs, which is why we’ve created a list of things to consider as you move to your new home..  If you have questions about any of the information or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

Identification & documentation

  • If your pet pig has a microchip, remember to update your contact information on your account
  • Keep your pig’s documents in a safe, accessible place. Documentation includes vaccination records, microchip numbers, spay/neuter certificate, your current vet’s contact information, and a recent photo of your pet pig.