The Veterinarian & Your Pig


Veterinary care for your pet pig is imperative. Just as you seek out professional care for yourself and your children, your pet potbellied pig has the same needs. Many veterinarians recommend your pig be seen twice a year for grooming needs, check ups, vaccinations and worming. It is NAPPA’s recommendation that you absolutely visit your vet once a year to receive the appropriate health care for your pig. To help your pet pig live a long and healthy life, the following are several considerations.


• Assume your male or female pet pig will make the best pet if it remains unneutered or unspayed.

• Assume your pet pig’s breeder/sanctuary has provided the necessary medical attention.

• Assume your pet pig needs no vaccinations, just because she lives in the city.

• Assume your pet pig can wait until the last minute to establish a relationship with a qualified potbellied pig veterinarian.

• Assume your pet pig will get well without proper medical attention and advice.


• Ensure you have the means to transport your pet pig including a crate and/or harness.

• Provide your pet pig with a qualified vet to do your spay or neuter.

• Provide your pet pig’s veterinarian a complete health care record given to you by your breeder/sanctuary.

• Provide your pet pig with a vaccination and worming schedule, approved by your veterinarian.

• Provide your pet pig with a qualified veterinarian before a medical need arises.

• Provide your pet pig the necessary immediate health care and information, whether obtained from your veterinarian as to the specific medical needs for your area.

To help you in the identification of some of the medical needs of your pet pig, NAPPA includes the following lists. We also recommend that you consult your local veterinarian as to the specific medical needs for your area.

NAPPA’S Minimal Vaccination Schedule

Piglet – 6 Weeks of Age:

Erysipelas/Rhinitis Booster, * Leptospirosis

Piglets – 8-9 Weeks of Age:

Erysipelas/Rhinitis Booster, * Leptospirosis

Pet Pigs – 9 Weeks to Adult:

Biannual Erysipelas/Rhinitis Booster,

*Leptospirosis Booster, Worming

*Leptospirosis vaccination is dependent upon geographical region.

Locating a qualified veterinarian with potbellied pig clients can be achieved by contacting your breeder, sanctuary, another potbellied pig owner, your local pig club, your current vet, or researching through the Internet.


When To Call A Veterinarian

• Persistent vomiting for more than 24 hours (especially if yellow)

• Off feed for more than 24 hours

• A temperature of more than 102 degrees

• Diarrhea for more than 24 hours

• Constipation for more than 48 hours

• Lying down for more than 8 hours

• Unwillingness to rise

• Painful abdomen

• Persistent bleeding

• Blood in stool

• Seen eating something potentially poisonous or obstructive

• Sudden behavioral changes

• Rapid breathing

• Persistent lameness

It should be noted that your veterinarian is your best resource, if you are in doubt about the physical well being of your pet. Being prepared for minor medical emergencies is also important in the care of your pet pig. The following list is a suggestion of items to keep in your home for that purpose.

First Aid Kit

• Rectal thermometer

• Pepto-bismol

• Ipecac or peroxide

• Topical hydrocortisone

• Antibiotic cream

• Insect repellent

• Mineral oil

• Kaopectate

• Bandages

Note: It is recommended that you check with your local veterinarian about the medical needs and requirements of the pet pig in your community.