Disease and Conditions

NAPPA feels that is of the upmost importance for you to know what diseases and illnesses are prevalent in your area. While we are not veterinarians, we are experienced pig owners who want to help educate others under the direction of licensed vets or research we have done on various subjects ourselves. ALWAYS consult a vet if your pig isn’t feeling well. Online advice about any potential illness your pig is having by groups of people you do not know is never a good idea. You should have a relationship with your vet who will be the best person to guide you through an illness. But please use this as a guide to help you understand the importance of appropriate veterinarian care for your pet pig. Some of these illnesses/diseases can be prevented by vaccinations and others, if not treated promptly, can cause a great deal of harm to your pig, sometimes even death. Do not risk it, if there is a question as to the health of your pig, take your pig to the vet, do NOT waste precious time on Facebook or any other forum polling the audience about what could be wrong. Time can sometimes be your enemy and every second you waste could be the time that was needed to save your pigs life. If you notice your pig isn’t feeling well, call your vet for direction.