ANGRY…But NOT at the Pigs We Love So Much

By: Lana Hollenback and Edited by Dawn Camp
and compiled by many rescuers and sanctuary owners

As rescuers we go to bed thinking of those we have rescued and get up
thinking of those yet needing homes. There are no vacations or time off so
breeders really love us because we are always here to clean up after them.
They keep breeding and making money and talking about how much they love
those cute little mini pet pigs they are selling. They can, without a problem,
because they know and love us so much for cleaning up their messes and
spending our own funds to do it. They have no regard for those they have
brought into the world, other then how much money can be made, because
they know we’ll do our best to find them loving homes and jump through
hoops to do it. . Nothing comes out of their pockets to help these dumped pigs
and they can go on attempting to breed them down, all the while knowing
they will be unhealthy and die an early and painful death.

(Remember Sophia?I do and I’ll never forget her nor will the others who rescue.)


Also remember the findings from the study
“Prospects for a genetically very small minipig by H.
Brandt, B. Mollers and P. Glodek of University of
Gottingen. They proved that you could only breed down
or inbreed (yes I know breeders call it line breeding butit
is inbreeding nonetheless.) until you begin to harm the pig by it having
multiple health problems. See page 95 of their report if you doubt it.
The bottom line is that breeders don’t care. They make their money and live
good lives. They get their vacations and time off paid for by the very pigs they
sell. Now comes the good one, to cover their butts they are enticing rescuers
to come onboard with breeders. Sounds good, but who does it really help?! It
certainly doesn’t help the rescuers or sanctuary owners. And there is that
almighty dollar coming into play once more. They also want you as a member
so you can pad their pockets with the almighty dollar by paying membership
fees. Wake up people. They are only padding their own pockets.
Now do you wonder why legitimate rescuers and sanctuaries are tired and
angry? There are so many new people coming onboard but they are not
connecting with or helping those who have been at it for awhile. They are
falling for the hype that you can mix breeders and rescuers together and save
all the animals. Whatever happened to common sense? Most of us that have
been rescuing for awhile are happy to see more hands involved but then it
happens. We see them falling for the hype and thinking they are helping. They
haven’t thought it through. The do not have the (sometimes) DECADES of
experience the older sanctuary and rescue people do. You, the rescuer, pay
them, the breeders, to bestow their blessings on you for rescuing a pig they
produced and sold and they can keep right on spitting out new ones while the
unwanted ones are dumped or dies because there’s no room at the Inn. For
every one you rescue, three more will die. Yet you keep struggling along and
can’t see the writing on the wall. You are being screwed over….it’s time to
smell the roses and honey. Those you are smelling aren’t real!
Angry???? You bet we are. But if you want, we rescues will send the people
to you with their unwanted pigs and we’ll tell the shelters that you’re open
for business. Sometimes I’d love to. But you see, we love those piggies. We
fight for those piggies. We want to see them healthy and happy and living a
pigs life into their old age in secure and loving homes.
Yes, I’m old. Been around awhile. I’ve visited sanctuaries, talked to the old
time breeders who finally gave up breeding when they saw the writing on the
wall. Been to pig shows; saw the registries and heard all the old crony stories.
I’ve worked with veterinarians and heard the horror stories of inbreeding. Did
you know that one thing that happens is that once they get so small because
bones start staying small, their internal organs continue to grow and are
compressed to the point that some have exploded within?! They roll and gasp
for air and in severe pain as they slowly succumb. But do the breeders care?
Course not. They sell them while babies and do not see the end result of what
they do…nor do they believe it. Oh, you say, but they have the parents who
are getting old. Did you know they breed babies to get babies and usually sell
the parents by the time they are 2 or 3 yrs old? Not even adults yet themselves
or full size.
It is time to do your homework. Time to really step back and look at what is
going on. If you just want have to have a 35 pound micro mini pig, then go to
the pet store and buy a guinea pig. Better yet go to your local Humane Society
and adopt one. But if you really love the pig then really step back and look at
what is happening. Don’t just take my word for it. Talk to those rescuers and
sanctuary owners who have been at it for awhile (Some for decades).
Another problem is that new rescuers are taking them in way too fast. One I
know had 22 in the first three months of trying to help. Said she didn’t want to
see them die. Yet when you get in over your head, guess what? Pigs die
because of no place to go. Sanctuaries and rescues cannot continually bail out
failing sanctuaries. We saw this happen in FL when AC was called in on what
was called a hoarding situation with potbelly pigs. Over 400 “rescued” pigs
put to death, loaded into trucks and gassed on the way to the incinerator. And
at the time of this writing there are four (4) sanctuary/rescue closings taking
place. This is not fun and games. Think about what you are doing. Many can’t
afford to spay and neuter yet will take another in. Angry….you bet we are. Not
just me but many of us who see the writing on the wall and are watching and
working to make a difference.
The bottom line is… way can the rescuers/sanctuary owners work with
breeders except to clean up after them at our expense. WAKE UP AMERICA.
WAKE UP EUROPE….Learn before it is too late.