Service Funds

Educational Fund
Through your tax deductible donation to this fund you insure the continuation of the numerous public educational projects in which NAPPA is currently participating. These projects presently include:

1. The Pig Size Survey
2. The Veterinarian Survey
3. The Seizure Survey
4. This Internet Web Site Publication and distribution of all the NAPPA Educational materials and brochures
5. Updating and production of national zoning materials. Assisting members who are trying to change city ordinances regarding these precious pet pigs.
6. Spay/Neuter discount programs

Memorial Fund
By remembering those you love, pets, family, and friends, with a tax deductible donation to NAPPA you enable us to initiate new NAPPA educational projects for the general public, potbellied pig pet owner, Veterinarian, shelter and Breeder. New projects currently underway:

1. The Veterinary Online Library
2. New NAPPA Educational Brochures
3. NAPPA WebServer
4. The New Swine Database

Upon receiving a donation to this fund, NAPPA will provide your recipient a beautifully crafted, handmade note card. Those projects waiting for funding are a nutritional research project, a Code of Ethics for Vets and a training program for International NAPPA Certified Potbellied pig Trainers. We can provide resources to those who request them and are happy to assist and NAPPA member locating a veterinarian in their area and/or provide advice in emergency situations. (within our clinical capabilities)

Upon receiving a donation to this fund, NAPPA will provide your recipient a beautifully crafted, handmade note card. Those are several projects in need of funding such as nutritional development, project spay/neuter your pigs, shelter education project and the “micro mini teacup pig” myth project. We are working to educate anyone who wants to learn about pet pigs.

Shelter/Sanctuary Fund
A Tax Deductible donation to this fund enables NAPPA to give grants to shelters and sanctuaries. These grants are designed to help the local shelters across the United States better care for their foundling pigs. New brochures for shelters regarding the proper care for pet pigs are being made, some of these funds allow NAPPA to send US shelters “how to care for a pig” basic information. Funding also allows NAPPA to aid rescue organizations who are in need of emergency funding. Application for funding can be made directly to the NAPPA office by submitting a written request for specific funding with an invoice or estimate attached from the required vendor. (i.e. feed, fencing, straw, Vet, etc.) The Board of Directors allocates the funds available. NAPPA will issue a check payable directly to the vendor listed on the invoice or estimate.

Spay/Neuter Voucher Fund
A Tax Deductible donation to this fund enables NAPPA to help give financial aid to pet pig owners in order to help with the cost of having their pet pig spayed or neutered. These funds also help to educate all owners on the importance in having their pet pig spayed/neutered. We hope to educate our members and others in the pig community to avoid unwanted pigs. There are already so many pet pigs needing homes. All the pig rescues and sanctuaries are bursting at the seams….there isn’t any room at any of these facilities for more pigs. NAPPA will send voucher directly to the veterinarians performing the service. This is a one time voucher for 50.00. This voucher is not intended to cover the cost of the entire procedure. Restrictions apply, please contact NAPPA’s representatives for additional information.

June Knox V.I.P. Fund
A Tax Deductible donation to this fund empowers NAPPA to help cover travel expenses for a veterinarian to visit various facilities on a regular basis and evaluate not only the pigs, but overall condition as well. This program also has the potential of becoming an educational program that could help anyone, anywhere, as it evolves. When required, it could include training of local veterinarians who have limited practical experience treating and / or managing potbellied pigs. This will give local vets, shelters, breeders and pet pig owners a better knowledge of the care and management of potbellied pigs. Please contact us if your vet would like to know more about pet pigs and we will empower your vet with the resources needed to become an expert in the mini pig field. Our veterinarian outreach program has been ongoing for years with a great deal of success.

Medical Fund
At NAPPA, your pigs health is of the upmost importance to us. We frequently donate funds to a pig in need. Sometimes, we even host auctions or other fundraisers to collect funding for sick pigs and we send that money directly to the veterinarians office. We understand pigs can have emergencies and we try to help whenever we can. Typically the board members chose a deserving family once a month, but special circumstances do arise and we ask that you reach out to us if you would like to be considered as a recipient of this funding.

Through your tax deductible donation to any or all of these funds, you help NAPPA provide education, research, and support to the people who care for our pigs. NAPPA needs you to do its best work!

Should you wish to make a donation by Credit Card. Please include with your donation your Name, Address, Email address, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date. Please contact us for any questions or to donate.