Educational Brochures

Since NAPPA is in the business of providing educational materials to the public about potbellied/mini pigs and their care and training and since NAPPA always strives to help others in their task of public education, we give permission to any group or individual to make copies directly from this NAPPA Internet Site or from a NAPPA Printed Brochure for the purpose of distribution to educate the general public. We do not want to limit educational information to ANYONE.

We ask that any material printed from the website:
1. All copies must display the NAPPA copyright notice.
2. All copies must display at least the NAPPA Internet address and email address for questions regarding the information provided.
3. No fee will be charged to the public for these brochures.

NAPPA will not charge a fee for this service. Should anyone request printed brochures from the NAPPA office the established fees will be charged.

It is our hope that this free resource will help provide the information necessary for an individual or family to make the appropriate decision about the Potbellied Pig as a pet and that NAPPA will be used for their continuing support and information.

Additional brochures are available from the NAPPA Office.

10 copies are $3.00 (Including Shipping and Handling) Send a self-addressed stamped envelope with appropriate fees to:

15525 E. Via Del Palo
Gilbert, Arizona 85298

Please include with your order:

The Name of the Brochure, the Number you wish to order, your Name, and Address (including ZIP) and Phone Number.
All Major Credit Cards Accepted If ordering by Credit Card, please include with your order the Credit Card Number and Expiration Date