By: Lana Hollenback

Way to many pit bulls are dying needlessly. Breeders don’t stop; They breed for aggression; they are used in dog fighting and it goes on. Yet they are very sweet loving family dogs. And yet they are put to death daily. Just as potbelly pigs get a bad rap. People think they are dirty and smelly. They think they will stay 30#. Only when people wake up and get facts will things begin to change for them. Do your homework. Learn about them. Don’t just listen to the bad breeders. And let me tell you, if the breeder is touting small 30# pigs, they are lying. If you buy into it and get the pig, you are equally guilty of lying. Lying to yourself and others and then when it gets to be 70# to 100# you dump it for us rescuers to clean up. Now these same breeders are banding together to help spread their lies. You and you alone need to do the proper research on small pigs.

University of Gottingen , Germany did a long study on downsizing the potbellied pig. On page 95 it reads and I quote “But it is most unlikely that there is a linear selection response over generations because of an expected reduction of the variance and possible changes in genetic parameters too. In addition with a further reduction of live weight there is also the risk of reducing other fitness traits.”

Some breeders in the past who worked with vets tried to get healthy smaller pigs. It didn’t work then and won’t work now. Just because a few breeders come together under the guise of rescue/sanctuaries and can show you them on their site, doesn’t mean they are anything but bad breeders after your money. Do your due diligence and learn. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!