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Formal Statement from NAPPA Regarding Ending Pet Pig Homelessness
Issued on : 2/18/2019

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The North American Pet Pig Association, Inc. founded in 1989, is dedicated to providing education to enable pet pigs to have the highest quality of life possible. This mission aligns with the mission of Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center, Inc., recently closed due to the retirement of its president, Lana Hollenbeck.

FAREC and NAPPA have formed a partnership, whereby volumes of valuable material on the FAREC website will be carefully incorporated into the North American Pet Pig Association (http://www.petpigs.com) website.

The NAPPA board thanks Lana for many years of service and guidance to the pig community. Lana has spearheaded conferences, coordinated rescues of large numbers of pigs, worked with new sanctuaries, helped advance pig medicine, and more.

We also welcome FAREC supporters. We hope you will continue to receive the same high level of support from NAPPA.

North American Pet Pig Association Board of Directors


Preserving and protecting pet pigs since 1989, NAPPA has a love for all pigs, both big and small! We are completely run by volunteers, and have always been a non profit organization. All funds we raise go into helping pigs by providing emergency medical assistance for injured or sick pigs, spay and neuter funds, sanctuary grants to pay for straw, feed, and other supplies, sponsoring the Swine Medical Database, and so much more. We work hard to educate, whether it be pig parents or the general public who have misconceptions about pigs. Its our goal to enact changes in legislation to change pet pigs from livestock to companion animals, giving them the same rights and protections that dogs and cats are allowed. We advocate for adoption or rescue when you’re thinking of adding a pig to your family, and are here to provide a network of support with your new friend!

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1 week ago

North American Pet Pig Association

Coronaviruses, COVID-19 and our pigsDr John Carr ( NAPPA’s Consulting Veterinarian)

Pigs cannot get COVID-19 and will not give you COVID-19.

To date there is no evidence of any animal transmission with this new corona virus COVID-19. This is a human virus and a human problem. The evidence is pointing to a person in Wuhan becoming the first case in November 2019. There has been a report of the virus being found in a dog in Hong Kong but the virus was found but was not replicating and the virus died out in the dog without producing any clinical signs.

There has been no cases, zero, of pigs getting COVID-19 in China.

Corona viruses are a very big family of similar viruses. They are so called because down the electron microscope they look like the corona of the sun. This virus family is thousands of years old. The corona is formed from a variety of spikes that stick through the oily envelope.

Man has many known Corona viruses – the many human corona virus already known about before 2019 are responsible for 15% of the common cold cases. But we also know of several types, which are very serious these are Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). They are a difficult family to control and vaccination generally produces poor protection. Their genetics are based on RNA and this means they can easily change. Which makes them vary difficult to control as new forms will constantly emerge and the animal (and our) population will have little or no immunity to the ‘new’ form. This is what happened at the end of 2019. A new form of this virus appeared and is now going worldwide.

Our pigs can get their own Corona viruses which have a range of clinical problems – Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) affects piglets less than 10 days of age intestines with fatal consequences and Porcine Respiratory Corona virus (PRC) affects pigs breathing causing a mild cough and sneeze similar to our seasonal colds which can be dramatic but the pigs all recover. But these viruses do not infect people.

The change in PED to a more virulent form occurred following the interaction of the pig corona virus with a Bat corona virus. A similar history to what has happened in man with COVID-19.

These Corona viruses do have a weakness – they have a layer of fat on the outside of the virus and if this is removed the virus cannot function. For this reason washing your hands carefully with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, ideally with a nailbrush is a great idea.

Washing your hands to remove viruses can be difficult as illustrated using a UV soap, which we use on our students to teach them good hand biosecurity.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water and a nailbrush

The major signs are fever, fatigue and coughing. Sneezing and a runny nose are not signs of this COVID-19 disease.

Age groups affected

Majority of flu and colds appear to be more serious for the very young and old.

COVID-19 is different it really affects older people. In pigs with PED we have something similar but the other way round where pigs less than 10 days of age get very sick but older than this the clinical signs are relatively mild.

One of the facts might be that at birth we are gifted with natural immunity to pathogens. The body takes 14 days or so to create antibodies but these only protect us when we are infected a Second time – not the first. As we get older the innate (natural) defense mechanisms of the body becomes weaker and we rely on our memory (antibodies) to protect the body. With this virus nobody has any memory because it is new. Once the first wave had passed this virus is likely to become part of our seasonal cold we are all used to. But this first passage is a painful lesson we are all human and in this together.

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March 1st

Happy Pig Day!

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NAPPA's Foster Care Project

NAPPA is working in collaboration with Best Friends to help homeless pet pigs across the country.

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Pigs are very social by nature. This choice is necessary for the survival of the pig. Being a prey animal, their only means of defense is their speed and numbers. Pigs will look to their herd for security. They live in a matriarchal society with a definite pecking order. ...

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