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Formal Statement from NAPPA Regarding Ending Pet Pig Homelessness
Issued on : 9/1/2020

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The North American Pet Pig Association, Inc. founded in 1989, is dedicated to providing education to enable pet pigs to have the highest quality of life possible. This mission aligns with the mission of Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center, Inc., recently closed due to the retirement of its president, Lana Hollenbeck.

FAREC and NAPPA have formed a partnership, whereby volumes of valuable material on the FAREC website will be carefully incorporated into the North American Pet Pig Association (http://www.petpigs.com) website.

The NAPPA board thanks Lana for many years of service and guidance to the pig community. Lana has spearheaded conferences, coordinated rescues of large numbers of pigs, worked with new sanctuaries, helped advance pig medicine, and more.

We also welcome FAREC supporters. We hope you will continue to receive the same high level of support from NAPPA.

North American Pet Pig Association Board of Directors


Preserving and protecting pet pigs since 1989, NAPPA has a love for all pigs, both big and small! We are completely run by volunteers, and have always been a non profit organization. All funds we raise go into helping pigs by providing emergency medical assistance for injured or sick pigs, spay and neuter funds, sanctuary grants to pay for straw, feed, and other supplies, sponsoring the Swine Medical Database, and so much more. We work hard to educate, whether it be pig parents or the general public who have misconceptions about pigs. Its our goal to enact changes in legislation to change pet pigs from livestock to companion animals, giving them the same rights and protections that dogs and cats are allowed. We advocate for adoption or rescue when you’re thinking of adding a pig to your family, and are here to provide a network of support with your new friend!

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Tear StainingIf you do not feed your growing pig right by giving them proper nutritional feed you can cause facial deformalities which can result in more tear staining. Always refer to your veterinarian for questions on how to feed your growing young potbellied pig. ... See MoreSee Less
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Just like any other animal, pet pigs have certain reactions to changes in the weather. Pigs need to stay dry, clean and warm. Outdoor pet pigs need shelter and bedding made of thick layer of straw. The straw helps insulate the pigs from the ground. Keeping them clean is by continuing to brush them and conditioning their skin. Pigs have hair- not fur. ... See MoreSee Less
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Merry Christmas, Happy HolidaysFrom NAPPA ... See MoreSee Less
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Responsible pig owners, Rescues, and Sanctuaries have supported miniature pigs also known as Vietnamese pot-belly pigs, Juliana's and Kune Kune pigs. Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs originally bred in Vietnam, the potbellied pig is a domestic pig that is indeed miniature when compared to the average commercial pig. These type of pigs are kept by people who choose them as pets, many cities, towns and municipalities have enacted laws to permit the keeping of potbellied pigs and miniature pigs as pets within city limits.Wikipedia accepted the editing of miniature pigs and NAPPA has successfully removed "teacup" pigs and "micro-mini" pigs from its definition as miniature pigs. ... See MoreSee Less
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Candy is Not Dandy for Pet PigsCandy of all forms is unhealthy for pigs. Also forget giving your pig candy made with xylitol. This non-caloric sweetener used in sugar free gum. Here are some good replacements for candy: small pieces of vegetables, apple and blueberries, all in small portions. ... See MoreSee Less
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About us:
With the input, help, and encouragement of people from all walks of life, and from all over the United States and Canada, the North American Pet Pig Association (NAPPA) was organized in 1989, making it the oldest potbellied pig service organization in the United States. NAPPA is a non profit organization and holds a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. NAPPA was organized specifically to preserve and protect the potbellied pig breed, with an emphasis on education. The activities of NAPPA are guided by the input, contributions, and energy of its members and directors. Membership in NAPPA is open to anyone interested in potbellied pigs, whether pet owners, potential pet owners, rescue/sanctuary, veterinarians, or just friends.

We encourage the use of the information on the website as well as sharing the information and links, but please do not post the information contained within the website without written permission from The North American Pet Pig Association.