Pot Belly Holiday

By Rebecca Knox

Autum wind is turning chilly

The leaves are everywhere.

Our little pot belly piggies

Are Hunting what the birds will spare.


Now the holidays upon us

With many friends we all will share.

Just now our little piggies are

We’re thankful they’ve room to care.


Of all the many blessings thought

And all the meals we made or brought.

When feeding our little piggies done —

Holidays gain more time and fun.


Since our piggies were adopted,

There’s a reason to add a prayer.

Happiness comes in many guises

One reason our pigs are there.
When you hve a pig for a pet,

Or if you haven’t got one yet,

You’d love them too, I willing to bet!

Get Set!

Happy Holidays from Wilma, Rootie, Daisy and our Vet!





This is Theo’s owner Kasey Snyder and he is doing really good. He is such a good boy and we love him to death. We love how he snuggles up with you. He always loves laying in bed with me and is such a good boy. Sparkey is a very good boy too! He is very protective of Theador and we thought that was really funny but Theo took Sparkey’s place at the fireplace and Theo could stand up there for hours. Theodor loves snuggling with Sparkey too! We can still hold Theo and always take him wherever we go. He loves the car and always sits on my Mom’s lap. It is really funny! Whenever we take Theo for a walk he is pretty easy but sometimes gets caught eating grass! So I let him stop for a little while to get grass. In the winter he hasn’t been out much. He and Sparkey are normally laying together in the warm cozy blanket or by the warm fireplace!

We are so happy that we got him and don’t know what we would do without him. Our household is really glad that we got him, so am I! My world would be plain without him except for Sparkey.

Thanks a lot for saving Theo and Spark for us they are both doing really good!

Kasey just taught Theodore to go up and down the steps so now she doesn”t have to carry him up every night (he sleeps in her room). Although he is a little apprehensive, he runs up the steps, with a little coaxing. Kasey is 10 years old.