Board of Directors

Any legitimate organization with a nonprofit status will have a board of directors in place. This  board allocates where any money raised goes and also remains active in the pig community as well as the organization as it evolves. The board is responsible for many things, but one is to keep information as up to date as possible on the website, Facebook page as well as other social media platforms. Since this organization has been around for a number of years, the direction has changed quite a bit and the focus is now on promoting healthy pigs, ensuring owners have all the resources available to them and also protecting the breed. Every one of these board members is trying to do the same by advocating, educating, and volunteering. If you are interested in becoming a part of the solution to the pet pig problem we have in the US, let us know! We welcome new faces and would love to have you on the NAPPA Team.

Pam Munici President/Director
President and Director of North American Pet Pig Association manages/leads a team of volunteers providing education to protect and preserve the pet pig, as well as to educate the public, pet owners, pet pig owners.  Publishes a bi monthly printed pet pig newsletter.  You can reach her website or contact her using the contact us page on this site.
Anne Gardner Vice president

Anne is a country girl who grew up on a 150 acre dairy farm. She is vegan and has been rescuing and advocating for animals for almost 20 years.  She makes ooccasional attempts at normality,  but there is no denying that she was born loving pigs and is happiest when kissing the snoot of a pig.

She co-founded Hands That Heal,  a non profit 501c3 rescue that assists the needy in caring for their animals, in 2005.  In 2009 she founded The Oscar Project For Animals, a 501c3 pig and feral/special needs cat rescue and sanctuary. Anne has served on the Rhode Island Disaster Animal Response Team since 2010, earning recognition by the RI Veterinary Association for her role in helping operate an emergency animal shelter during Hurricane Sandy.

She is a 2006 graduate of the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine Adventures in Veterinary Medicine program. Anne Is honored to have the opportunity to help further the good work of NAPPA.

Colleen Carpernter-Rice Treasurer

Colleen grew up early on surrounded by animals; dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, a horse and lots of fowl! They were all her dearest friends since there were no other children nearby.

At the age of 16 she becamse vegetarian and encouraged her mother to become one a few years later. She is now vegan and helping to promote a more compassionate lifestyle.

It was always a dream to have lots of animals of her own and she co-founded Chatham Animal Haven, Inc a 501(c)3 farm animal sanctuary in December of 2014. What she lacked in knowledge she made up for in sheer determination to make a difference. The Haven is not large but is a happy home for multiple animals who would no longer be here otherwise.

Colleen became a NAPPA member, board member, and Treasurer in February 2017. She helps with many fundraisers by raising funds for pet pigs.

Susannah Creasman Secretary
Susannah is a bookkeeper who works for a company out of Texas as well runs her own bookkeeping business on the side. Growing up around animals on a farm in North Carolina has made her into the animal advocate she is today. Susannah’s daughter first introduced her into the world of pet pigs in early 2014 when she bought what they thought was a “micro- mini pig,” naming her Willa, who was supposedly going to stay under 20lbs. Well, they learned very quickly that would never happen and soon learned through research potbelly pigs will never stay itty bitty. Two years after getting Willa, they decided to start a full-blown rescue/sanctuary after getting two pigs that were in bad condition. Their rescue, Willa’s Pig Rescue, is now located in East Tennessee and they are dedicated to educating people about pet pigs and the effects of inbreeding. Susannah is happy to join NAPPA in the fall of 2018 and can not wait to see what the future holds with them.
Dana Boyle  Director
Dana Boyle, from northern New Jersey, is an occupational therapist, director of rehabilitation, and has been the proud owner of a potbelly pig since 2009. With many questions about raising and training a potbelly pig, Dana researched and came across NAPPA. Since then, she has contributed to NAPPA by writing columns about life with her potbelly pig, Snacks, who she adores. She tries to educate others about owning a potbelly pig as a pet. In addition, Dana also volunteers with the Pig Placement Network and with the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter for dogs.
Ana Garcia Director
My name is Ana Garcia and I am a director on the NAPPA board. I am owned by two wonderful pigs.  I had no idea how to take care of a pig 2 yrs ago but I sure did learned fast, Miss Piggy is my potbelly pig and she chose me to be her mama. I got Miss Piggy when she was just 4 days old, Miss Piggy just turned 2 in April 2016. I am also owned by my precious Frankie. Frankie is a kunekune (kunie-kunie) pig. Frankie chose me as her mama when she was  3 months old, Frankie turned a year old in March 2016.
I love animals and it shows, here are my loving and loyal pets, Charlie my little Chihuahua is 8 yrs old. Charlie is my shadow following my every footstep. Oliver is my 9 yr old African Grey, he is a character and has a very large vocabulary but enjoys telling people to shut up, I need to teach him some manners. Tequila is my Moluccan Cockatoo that I rescued! Tequila is 8 yrs old and is such a gentle soul, she loves to cuddle close and have her head scratched.
I am also the owner of a small Graphic Design/Illustrator company. I have designed a few covers for Bestselling Authors as well as several logos for businesses. I am very honored to be part of the NAPPA organization, an organization that is truly for the wellbeing of all pig breeds.
Ghislaine Martin Director
Ghislaine Martin has been a member of the pet pig community since Pig Little came into her life in 2007.
She holds a Veterinary Assistant’s degree from Ashford College, graduating with High Honors.
She served as a past Director of NAPPA in 2009- 2012 and is a past Vice President of American Mensa, Albany NY chapter.
Ghislaine is the founder and Sanctuary Manager for Kenelm Farms, a 501c3 Farm Animal Sanctuary specializing in farm pigs and pot belly pigs.  The sanctuary is located in Kinderhook, NY.  She is active in rescue transport (mostly) east of the Mississippi.
She practices herbalism and works for a herb supplier in Eastern New York State.
Helen Morrison Director
Helen Morrison has a lifelong love for animals, growing up with dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.  Her first job at age 13 was grooming ponies and donkeys, and cleaning stalls. During her first semester at college, she signed up for a belly dance class, and fell in love with the rich, earthy music. She still performs, teaches, and hosts dance fund raisers for animal charities. She is a prize winning baker, earning almost two dozen ribbons at county and state fairs
Helen earned a BBA in Computer Science from Kent State University. Together with her husband, they ran a software company in the 1980s. She became a freelance writer, a technical writer/trainer for an OEM, and then back to computers as a Web Developer.
Helen first heard of mini pigs in the late 1980s, and bought her first pig, Damien, in 1992. Not long after, she connected with other pet pig owners through the Cleveland Freenet Usenet Groups (the precursor to the internet), and began her journey helping pigs in need. Over the last 25 years Helen has helped dozens of rescues and sanctuaries and hundreds of pigs, providing transportation, foster and forever homes, sponsoring, fund raising, and educating people about pigs and their needs.