Toys for Pigs

Keeping pigs stimulated makes for a happier, less destructive pig. I am very lucky to have a
pretty non destructive pig, but during the day she naps a lot. I would prefer for her to be more
engaged during the day than sleep. Unfortunately, with working, I cannot keep her entertained
throughout the day, and a treat ball only lasts for so long. Toys are tough with pigs, or at least
Snacks does not seem to care about them. And I will be honest, the more expensive the toy or
bed I buy for Snacks, the less she seems to care about it. We won’t even discuss the “taco
bed” that she acts like is it is Venus trap that is about toe eat her….sigh…. So when I saw
Varram on Amazon, I thought it would be either perfect of an expensive mistake. What is
Varram you ask…..Varram is a Pet Fitness Robot: Interactive Treat Dispenser and Companion
Robot for Dogs & Cats…….it’s like a Roomba that dances and spits out treats. You can make a
schedule of when Varram wakes up, dances, and how many treats he shoots out. At first, will
admit, this adorable little robot kept me more entertained than it did Snacks. It would spin
around the room, shake, dance, and really get around. Snacks just did not seem to care. Then
she would find random treats around the house…where did they come from? The best was
when she figured it out… was like a light bulb went off! Now as soon as she hears Varram,
or as we call him “Little V” start singing and moving around….she it following him, waiting for
treats. Little V is durable too…..let us just say Snacks is not always the most patient pig and
tries to push Little V around…..nope….he just spins around and starts dancing again. Is
Varram on the pricer side….yes…..but does he engage Snacks and is durable enough to take
her shoving her him around….yup…..I would recommend Varram to keep your pig engaged.

Dana aka Snacks’ Mom

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